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Learn how we conduct our tried and true website development process from start to finish
First Things First


Every new adventure begins with your dedicated project manager getting to know you and your business. We will typically conduct as many as five stakeholder interviews, extracting vital information critical to building the marketing strategy for your project. You may be asked questions about your industry, your audience, competition, keywords, etc., and will be instructed to pass along any company assets necessary for us to move forward.

Laying The Foundation

User Experience

The UX phase is an essential precursor to the creative and development phases. Here we take the information we gathered from the first step and figure out how to approach the website from an informational architecture standpoint. We’ll talk about the user experience, how the visitors will navigate the site, and what functionalities should be incorporated. This typically starts with a sitemap, outlining the page structure, and ends with wireframes – a skeletal blueprint of the site.

Look Good, Feel Good


This is where the fun starts! During the creative phase, we’ll start to think about the look and feel of the new website. Things we take into consideration are brand guidelines, interactive elements, emotions we want to evoke, and the overall visual adventure we want each visitor to experience. After our initial presentation of the first batch of design comps, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback which we will utilize for our revisions rounds until you’re completely satisfied.

We Get Nerdy


The development phase is where we take our creative assets and turn them into living, breathing digital real estate. While creative is focused on the front-end of the website, development is where we focus on the back-end and inner workings of how the site is programmed to interact with users. This typically incorporates a content management system, a web application that allows publishing, editing, modifying and organizing of content from a central interface.

Where It Gets Fun


We know you’re excited to launch the website and go live at this point, but we’d like to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. Before crossing the finish line, we’ll conduct a thorough quality assurance and security review to ensure everything is in top shape. We’ll also set up an interactive training session where you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of your new site and how to operate it. Finally, additional digital marketing strategies and/or ongoing maintenance may be discussed.

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