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2017 Digital Marketing Trends

2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Trends in digital marketing, like fashion, come and go. Sometimes they are governed by necessity, and other times they are dictated by the industry. Before making the decision to stay current and follow important trends, you have to weigh in on the needs of your users and business. Because fads fade, it’s important to pick and choose – but the 5 we’ve picked out below are here to stay for a long time.

Content is (even more so) king

While it’s important to have a visually pleasing website, having a functional one is more important. Years ago you could trick search engines with malpractice to climb the rankings. Today that is no longer the case. Google has recently released a chain of search engine algorith updates that have dramatically changed the SEO and SERP landscape. One of the biggest factors that determine rankings is how long users are staying on your site – stickability, “dwell time”, and other coined terms. Getting people to your site is one thing, but keeping them there is another. Content is paramount, so be on your A game.

Mobile & responsive design

In the last year or so, mobile web viewing has completely surpassed desktop viewing, and is climbing exponentially. The numbers don’t lie – people use their smartphones for everything. Make sure you’re still in the running for customers with a responsive website design that is compatible across all mobile devices. While this used to be a bonus, it is now becoming the standard. Don’t get left behind.

Infographics are pretty neat

Remember when we said content is king? Dwell time? Text will always be at the core of content strategy, but pictures and infographics are much, much more interesting. They’re fun, easier to digest, and are incredibly engaging with the user. Coupled with SEO-focused copy, infographics are a surefire way to round out a content strategy.

Video is the ultimate experience (for now)

Videos are currently the ultimate interactive experience on the web. There are all kinds of immersive 3d and virtual reality experiences being developed, but they are yet to become a more accesible standard. Video is a great way to set the mood and drastically improve the user experience of any business website or digital campaign.

Flat design is anything but flat

Unlike the old, clunky web design practices that utilized heavy 3d objects, shadowing and embossing, the future is flat design. The goal of flat design is to create a clean, modern user experience that focuses on both functionlism and minimalism.

Are you ready to apply these trends to your online strategy?

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